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When micellar water gained its' popularity around here, everyone began buzzing about the new makeup remover that could wiped everything off in one swipe!

Our formulators at BSG got to work; we wanted our brand of beauty water to do more than just clean your make-up. We developed our own brand of simplified skincare - an on-the-go cleanser for lazy 'routiners'.

What Does Micellar Water Do???

As with all effective skincare routines, you begin with cleansing! Micellar water could make for an excellent hydrating cleanser especially when it is infused with hydrosols and glycerin.

It is a gentle, PH balancing and soothing cleanser that wouldn't strip your skin of natural oils and its much needed moisture.

Okay So???

So do not think of micellar water as just fancy skincare water. See it as a cleansing water that contains tiny suspended oil particles known as micelles that can attach to dirt & oil on one hand and water on the other hand making it great for wiping impurities and hydrating your skin at the same time.

While it is a great cleanser, you may benefit even more from your simple cleansing routine if you incorporate oil cleansing or double cleansing method to help remove thicker make up products or water resistant products. But if you would love to stick to the simple clean-and-go that micellar water provides, then make sure you get your cotton pads ready, squeeze some cleanser on to the cotton and wipe gently.

(Instagram user @Skinhaulic shared her feedback after using our micellar water. Read here)

BSG's micellar water is ideal for people with:

Sensitive, oily & acne skin type - PINK -  and contains glycolic acid & lactic acid

Normal, dry & combination skin type - Green - and contains herbal extracts & hydrosols

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