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Its pretty cold and dry this time of the year and for a couple of weeks we will be experiencing fierce/mild drop in temperature, dry, windy and dusty air.

With this comes the chapped lips, dehydrated & dry skin, scaly & dry scalp. If you have a dry/normal skin, your skin is bound to feel even more dehydrated than those with oily skin but irrespective of your skin type, you should be intentional and deliberate about your skincare choices this period.

Simple checklists to tick off daily:

- Make hydration the basis of your routine. Drink a lot of water so you stay hydrated from the inside out. Choose products that have rich natural moisturizing and hydrating properties. Check out our Body butters & Body Oils; they contain a combination of rich natural oils & butters perfect for all day hydration

- Infuse products with hydrating active ingredients and humectants to your daily routine. Do you know that body serums are a thing? They are water based products that contains a high percentage of active ingredients. Hydrating body serums are formulated to include ingredients that can help attract and retain moisture on the skin to keep it soft and supple all day long. These products would most likely contain natural derivatives like glycerine, aloe vera, honey or hyalauronic acid.

BSG's Collagen Serum, Corrective B3 Serum & Rejuv Milk Lotion are products that contain deep hydrating & skin plumping active ingredients.

- Consider a Spa Day

This may be the perfect time to consider getting a deep hydration facial treatment done. This treatment usually involves a professional procedure using spa grade treatment products to help rejuvenate the skin. Your skin would also benefit from body wrap treatments, exfoliation & steaming treatment.

You can schedule a treatment session with the wonderful team at remmy sauvage aesthetics & spa

- Don't forget your Lips

Just like you pay attention to your skin, you need to also pay attention to your lips. When your body is dehydrated, it will show on your lips. They begin to look dry, chapped, cracked, dark and bruised. Invest in a good lip balm & lip scrub with natural moisturizing and treatment properties

BSG's Smack Lip Balm & Smack Lip Scrub

- Hand lotions and oils should always be with you. keep your palms , feet and scalp moisturized with good humectant based repair products.

BSG's Olive Hand & Feet Lotion

- Bath with lukewarm water instead of extremely cold or hot water. This isn't the time to strip the skin of its much needed moisture barrier.

- Don't forget to protect your skin. You still need to use broad spectrum sunscreen!!!

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