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You must have logged on to our website to get your favourite bar soap, lotion, hair or aromatherapy product; proceed to check out and whoop... 

But did you notice that the regular extra extra you usually pay as VAT no longer applies? Well here's the tea!!! 

As part of our promise to put our customers first and always attend to your complaints, we noticed that the mere thought of having to pay for something other than your products & delivery charges can make you change your mind... So what did we do? 

We made all products VAT inclusive hence the extra N100, N200 -N500 naira increase you may notice. 

As much as this isn't an all-too-awesome news to break to you but it has to be done (we wouldn't want to get in the government's bad books) and in essence we still promise you the same totally OMG product & quality. 

On a serious note though, it is our desire to always maintain the standard quality of our products; source the best raw materials, carry out the best & most detailed product testing and then producing the best most effective products for you. Every step is crucial and all govt policies & exchange rate fluctuation affects the outcome of so many businesses. 

So now we hope you can click on the checkout button knowing we mean no harm. 

P. S

Hey, did you know we have some on-going discounts???

10% off for first time shoppers [discount code -WELCOME]

30% off massage, aromatherapy, facials & body enhancement treatments [discount code - HAPPYHOUR]

Please leave your comments, suggestions & feed back about how we can serve you better and I'd be more than glad to respond.


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