11/11 Restore Serum

11/11 Restore Serum

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BSG's glass skin serum - a holy grail night time serum with Phloretin (polyphenol) and Pearl powder - powerful antioxidants for diminishing skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation, improved cell turnover and enhanced overall brighter skin tone. 

11/11 Restore provides a worthy option to products containing alpha arbutin & kojic acid and offers even more benefits including skin protection from free radicals and environmental stressors.

Formulated using an ultra-potent and highly stable Vitamin C derivative - 3-0-ethyl ascorbic acid renowned for its potency for skin lightening and deeper dermal penetration, anti aging and skin rejuvenation.

Consistent use ensure:

  • Stimulated elastic & collagen
  • Skin rejuvenation and skin firming
  • Visible skin radiance
  • Smoother skin texture
  • Shrunken pores
  • Strengthened skin barrier
  • Less breakouts due to oil control 
  • Improvement in appearance of dark spots and skin dullness. 

The benefits of Phloretin are further enhanced by other antioxidants contained within this product. When paired with other products containing melanin inhibitors, the results could be remarkable! 

Nacre, an ingredient in pearl powder can also stimulate fibroblasts in the body, which accelerates wound healing. This can also help collagen regenerate itself, which may make wrinkles appear less prominent. Contains over 30 Trace  and a high level of calcium that helps regulate skin moisture levels and prevent transepidermal water.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) and Glutathione - These antioxidants abundant in pearl powder can help fight against environmental stresses, free radicals and promote skin health.



Aqua/water, propylene glycol, propanediol, alcohol denat, isopropyl myristate, 2% phloretin, ocean pearl powder, 5% 3-0-ethyl ascorbic acid, mixed tocopherols, 1% ferrulic acid, greentea extracts, hydroxyethylcellulose,1% panthenol B5, stearic acid, phenoxyethanol & ethylhexlglycerin

Direction for use:

  1. Use serum at night on clean skin
  2. Avoid contact with the eye and mouth