In the vibrant heart of Africa, where the sun-kissed savannah meets the lush rainforests, a revolution was brewing. A revolution not just in skincare, but in the very essence of beauty itself. Brownskingirl BSG emerged not merely as a brand but as a beacon of change, a testament to the power of nature's bounty and the ingenuity of science.

Our story began with a single, unwavering commitment: to go CLEAN, to tread where others feared to go. We vowed to eliminate every single ingredient that made you question its safety, every compound that raised an eyebrow of concern. If it wasn’t essential, it had no place in our formulations. This commitment was not just about skincare; it was a pledge to your well-being, a promise that what touched your skin would be as pure as the first drops of rain after a scorching desert sun.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of the beauty industry, we stood firm, our eyes wide open to every discovery, every innovation. We were not content with just keeping up; we aimed to lead the way. Collaborating with beauty research institutes worldwide, we delved into the secrets of botanical and harnessed the power of skin identical ingredients, crafting formulations that were not just skin-deep but resonated with the very soul of your being.


At the core of our philosophy lay the belief that beauty knows no bounds, that it should embrace every shade and every hue, so we coined the phrase "Your skin tone is not a stain, stop trying to wipe it off". There was a growing need, a hunger for skincare options that understood the rich melanin of people of color, especially the exquisite tapestry of African skin. Thus, Brownskingirl BSG was born – a line of skincare products meticulously designed for the beautiful mosaic of African skin tones.

Our formulations were not just effective; they were transformative. Gentle yet powerful, each product combined a buffet of science-backed botanicals and skin-identical ingredients. We refused to compromise, promising affordability without sacrificing efficacy. Our products were not just solutions; they were the embodiment of care, of love for your skin, and your unique identity.

BSG was more than a brand; it was a movement, a revolution against the tyranny of questionable chemicals. We shifted the narrative from merely 'natural and organic' to 'plant-derived and nature-inspired,' acknowledging the complexity of nature and the uniqueness of individual skin. Fragrances were not used to mask; they were crafted to embrace, to enhance the natural scents of our formulations, especially tailored for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

In the heart of Nigeria, where tradition meets innovation, we embarked on a journey. We sourced our raw materials from reliable, trusted corners of the world, supporting local production and ensuring that each product was a testament to quality. Small, controlled batches were crafted, tested, and packaged with care, ensuring that every jar and bottle held not just a product but a piece of our commitment, a slice of our dedication.

Brownskingirl BSG was more than a skincare brand; it was a promise – a promise that you would find comfort in knowing that whatever your skin needs, whatever your skin concern, there was a BSG product specially crafted for you. A promise that you could revel in your skin’s natural glory, confident in the knowledge that your skincare was not just a routine but a ritual, a celebration of your unique beauty.

In every drop, in every application, BSG whispered the tale of a new era. An era where skincare wasn't just a regimen; it was a love affair, a dance of nature and science on the canvas of your skin. Welcome to Brownskingirl BSG, where beauty is more than skin deep; it's a celebration of you, in all your glorious shades and hues.

"We are constantly evolving. A daring brand with a collection of products formulated using plant derived and/or nature inspired compositions and ingredients that are familiar to users"



Remilekun Lawal, created the collection after extensive and on-going research into natural cosmetic formulations and active ingredients, formulating the nature inspired, plant based skin, hair and aromatherapy range with active ingredients that have a potent effect in combating skin dullness, photo-damage, inflammation and oxidative stress with a team of passionate individuals committed to making BSG® a cult favorite. With razor sharp focus on Skin Hydration, Skin Treatment & Skin Glow

Brands under the BSG® trademark are Remmy Sauvage™ (Aromatherapy & spa), ManebyBSG™ (Hair, Beards & Men's Skincare), & Baareskiin Foundation.